Aleli Egües is a Miami based artist, her practice deals with vintage references, the relationship between the landscape and the femine, identity, and urban spaces. She works in photography, video, video-based performance, and expanded painting.

According to the artist, “Photography, video, and expanded painting are my canvas for exploring the landscape, identity, and urban spaces. My work is campy and poetic, beautifying the daily and mundane. Synchronicities between people and nature, the man-made, space and time interest me. I feel that everything is interconnected. I invite the dreamer (viewer) to dream with me. In essence, my aim is to connect with the viewer/dreamer through the use of evocative objects (materials, props), installation pieces and performance art.”

Aleli is from the Tropics, born in Miami Beach, Florida to Cuban parents. She was greatly inspired by her family’s love for the arts, and from very early on she knew art was her passion. Her first approach to art was through theater and the performing arts.

Egües work has been featured at SCOPE Miami International Art Fair, 9topicsTRIAD, Arthill Gallery in London, The ArtLink Gallery, Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, Red Dot Art Fair, MAC Fine Art, Diaspora Vibe Gallery, The Nightclub at Aluna Art Foundation, Urban Nomad Film Festival, Doral Contemporary Art Museum (DORCAM), Miami Art Week, the South Florida Latin American Photography Forum, Miami Dade College Hialeah campus gallery and Irreversible Projects, amongst others. She earned a BA degree in Studio Art, cum laude, with a minor in Art History from Florida International University, Miami, Florida.

Images/Video stills

1) Carnival Wedding
2) Wishing and Being
3) Self portrait
4) Sueños de Sirena
5) Self Portrait
6) Sueños de Sirena
7) Rhythms, Cycles, Spaces
8) Carnival Wedding